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“Go West Young Man, ‘Till You are in The Far East”

If we can’t innovate out of our own unemployment problems, there’s a little country on the other side of the Pacific that wants our help.

“I’m working with a company right now that wants me to help them find young American professionals who can be their liaisons to the U.S.,” he said. “They want people who understand the social and cultural nuances of the West.”

via Shut Out at Home, Americans Seek Opportunity in China — NYTimes.com.

As China expands, there are incredible opportunities for Westerners for entrepreneurship as well as in the corporate world. A country where your Bar-Mitzvah money is plenty of start-up capital for a business, where the corporations want your 20 years of experience on western customs, and, and the economy is growing despite the recession sounds like a pretty good opportunity.