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Time to start reading science fiction, because the future is here. Now, eye surgeons are getting more requests to customize patient’s eyes based on their life or lifestyles.

Julian Stevens, of Moorfields Eye Hospital, is an expert on laser refractive surgery. He has, in the past, offered tailored treatment for members of the special forces. “They require 1,000-metre vision at night,” he said. “It is the same for fighter pilots.”

Surgeons offer eyesight tailored to an individual’s life and career — Times Online.

We are entering an age where we will have an unparalleled ability to alter ourselves, specializing or bodies as much as we have specialized our minds through education. This kind of tinkering will forever change our society.

Look at the NFL today vs. 60 years ago. Players are bigger, stronger, and faster. But that difference will be nothing compared to what science will soon allow us to do. In 50 years, what physical enhancements you have may be more meaningful than your education or experience on the job hunt.

I don’t know if it will be good or not, but it will certainly be different.