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Redefining Success

From an article about AT&T’s new pricing policy, with a bunch of comments about moving to Verizon for their unlimited data plan:

Verizon, the largest U.S. wireless carrier, declined to comment on whether it will scrap its advertised unlimited plan, which carries extra charges if customers use more than 5 gigabytes of data a month.

via AT&T Sparks User Backlash With End to Unlimited Plans Update1 — Bloomberg.com. [Emphasis added]

Did the definition of unlimited? When did unlimited begin to mean that the limit is 5 gigabytes?

Comcast offers users who rent a cable modem from them a free wireless router — you just have to pay for shipping. Banks routinely lower the interest rate they charge on loans by re-lacing interest with fixed fees, which mathematically earns them the same profit. BP puts out charts like this. When did it become OK for companies to treat people like idiots? When did people start acting the way they are being treated?

AT&T is trying to be transparent — they have decided to stop making everyone pay for the 2% of data-hogs, and people are up in arms. Go online to AT&t’s website and look how much data you use; if it’s less than 2 gigabytes a month, you will save at least 5 dollars a month. That’s money you were paying for someone else’s internet use, that’s now back in your pocket.

It’s sad that we can’t even recognize when a company does the right thing anymore. I don’t know if I’m more upset at the shell games companies play, or my fellow consumers who keep getting sucked in by the PR spin.