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The Simple Things in Life

I was reading an interview of the always entertaining Anthony Bourdain. When asked about the appeal of the simple foods, he responded:

It’s true of wine also. I respond to blunt objects more than a subtle wine. Rough neighborhood wines in Italy or Sardinia or Cotes du Rhone make me happier. Cruder, messier things where I don’t need to engage my brain, I could pretty much submissively lose myself in the moment.

via Anthony Bourdain, unreserved — chicagotribune.com.

Sometimes the best food, drink, book, or movie is simple, common, low brow. Sometimes we like to over complicate things as an affectation, shallow play at sophistication. Sometimes we use our knowledge to maximize our enjoyment, to find the best and greatest of something — but end up lost in the minutiae.

Simple is powerful, because it strips what you love back to the core, makes it accessible for everyone, and still delights. That’s the magic behind south park, hemingway, sangria, and sushi. Keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it jarringly rough and raw.