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This Ones For All The Ladies

The anti-fun pro political correctness and using political power for enjoyment crowd strikes again:

[Gainesville] is getting ready to put the kibosh on ladies’ night specials and will be notifying the 115 bars and restaurants in the city limits in the next few days that they will no longer be able to give discounts based on gender.

via Ladies’ nights no longer allowed to curb alcohol abuse and discrimination | Gainesville.com.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. Dress night, where everyone wearing a dress drinks free. Yes, there will doubtless be men who boldy dress up for free drinks, but that really only adds to the fun and the spectacle. Meanwhile, you will be attracting ladies dressed to impress, and a mass of men not wearing dresses will follow.

Tell your bar owning friends!

ps. If one of them runs with the idea, can I get some credit (eg. Joel’s Dress for Success Night)?