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Volcker Agrees with Me

Paul Volcker and I are really disturbed by Congress’s inability to act:

VOLCKER: Capitol Hill and the Senate is dysfunctional. I mean, I’m very disturbed about the trend in the government generally and its inability to get together and do things.

And I had some hopes. This is a relatively neutral subject politically. The need is so clear here. And it’s not an ideological issue — or it shouldn’t be, anyway — an ideological issue. It’s a practical issue.

And, yes, I’m disturbed, because they can’t get together on it.

via CNN.com — Transcripts.

Congress’s inaction cannot continue forever — we are approaching a point where their inaction will lead the government to be effectively unresponsive to the issues we need leadership and action on. A sea change in the way politics is played is coming — the only questions left are when the wave will come, who will ride it, and who will wipe-out and bloody the coral.