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We go for the uncompromised

“The compromise part of the market is very well serviced,” Burmeister says. “So we go for the uncompromised.”

via The Radical Vision Behind One Company’s Unstoppable Pants

An amazingly short and clear vision statement from a profile of Outlier, a niche clothing company. There are so many companies that aim to service the lowest common denominator, and that is a great thing. It lowers costs, widens adoption, remakes the world. But it is easy to forgot the other side of the market - you can go small, you can go niche, you can ignore all tradeoffs - that’s often where innovation comes from, and that innovation also remakes the world.

A lot of my day to day job in wealth management is focused on bringing upmarket services downmarket through technology and automation. As William Gibson said, “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” By being uncompromising, you can build new patterns, and once built, you can iterate on it to bring it to a wider audience.