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Dreams From 2004

In 2004, I was a freelance writer for a “Teen focused” section of my local paper. It was a cool experience to meet students from other schools and prodessional journalists. I also ended up winning an award for one piece I wrote — a piece about the dreams we have in high school about what our life will look like.

None of the peers I quoted lived out thole dreams they shared. I definitely have’t lived mine from those time out either. Although I haven’t kept up with all lf those quoted, I don’t think any of us I speak with would complain about the result.
So looking back, the closing is weak, but has a nugget of truth. It’s not so much about what happens in life, as long as you like the result. Reading it again reminded me to stress out less about where I am going with my life and career, and enjoy the ride more.

It also reminded me that I used to be a much funnier writer, and I want to capture more of that again. Readers, you have been warned.