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Foundations for the Future

I have been reading a lot of relatively new technologies that I think will combined in fascinating ways to create the next big shift. What do I mean by big shift? Remember Lycos? Remember the original iPhone? The pace of change has been so quick, it is amazing to take a step back and think how much google and smartphones have remade the world. I think the following will combine to enable the next big thing:

  • The Blockchain, with decentralized processing of transaction and a public activity ledger
  • Internet of things: Objects that can interact with and be controlled by the digital wold
  • Digital Encryption, enabling Identity Management, personal data security, and private communication
  • Digital Money
  • Bitcoin — or the next coin. I also think there will be a major centralized and de-centralized option. While the base bitcoin is powerful, the risks of losing a wallet or having it hacked are too great — there is plenty of room for a more centralized solution.
  • Smart Contracts

Combining all the technologies above, with advancements in user interface from virtual reality and augmented reality yield a world from science fiction:

  • Drones that can fly around each other, aware of each other, without issue
  • Micro-payments enabling new business models in services, entertainment, and allowing more things to enter the rental or “sharing economy”
  • Low cost and seamless contract execution and escrow services enabling new business models through cutting transaction costs
  • Parties where you give your guests a pass to control your speakers, that they lose once they leave for the night.
  • Autonomous cars that bid in real-time for the closest parking space to where they need to pick you up from, based on how long you expect to be there.
  • Secure personal data and communication across devices.
  • Public identity that you customizes any device or service you use for you and authenticates that’s it’s really you on any public communication services you use.
  • Private identities that allow you selective anonymity when and where it really counts.